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Samantha Sommersby

Has writing always been something that you wanted to pursue?
I would say that writing and something that I've always loved. I set it aside almost totally for about a decade at one point. I'm so happy to have rediscovered it!

I read that you are able to write full-time now. Do you miss your job and going to work everyday?
Itís the people I miss. I have to make an effort to maintain those relationships that are important to me. Writing can be a solitary experience. There are a handful of people that I used to work with that I've remained close to and do things with socially. And, I've managed to make many new friends in the writing and publishing industry. I do still go to work every day, except now it's just a matter of grabbing that first cup of coffee and walking into the downstairs office. I LOVE working from home.

You used to work in the psychiatric field. Do you use your background in your writing?
Absolutely. Many of my characters are involved in the mental health field. Violet Deeds, the heroine in my first 2 Forbidden books (Forbidden: The Claim and Forbidden: The Awakening) is a psychiatrist as is Wesley Atherton, my hero in In the Still of the Night. Elizabeth Reynolds from As You Wish is a Social Worker as is my hero in Shelter from the Storm.

I also use my training when developing characters in general; creating behavioral and psychological profiles for them that help me understand their motivations, desires, etc.

You write in several genres, do you have a favorite?
My absolute favorite is paranormal romance/urban fantasy. My second favorite would be straight contemporary.

Some of your stories are part of a series; do you enjoy writing connected stories?  I know as a reader, I absolutely love connected stories and getting to revisit old friends.
I very much enjoy the continuity of a series. It's a bit of a challenge sometimes, keeping all of the layers and references straight, but overall it's been a very satisfying experience. I'm currently working on the 4th book in the Forbidden series. There are two additional books that are essentially prequels to characters that we meet in book two, Forbidden: The Awakening. I'm toying with the idea of reworking those and integrating them more into the series at some point. There would likely be some stylistic changes and some tightening of plot. Those would be As You Wish and In the Still of the Night.

Tell us some of your favorites (i.e. foods, music, authors, books, movies, hobbies, and any other favorites you would like to share).
Favorite food - Italian

Favorite music - Hmm. I kind of have broad taste in music. I'm listening to a Frank Sinatra CD at the moment.

Favorite Author - Impossible to pick. I'll tell you what I'm currently re -readingÖBlood Drive by Jeanne C. Stein.  It was still in my briefcase and I picked it back up on my recent flight home from Portland. The last book I'd read before that we Mile High by G.A. Hauser. It should be out in a few months. What a fun romp! My TBR pile is embarrassingly huge.

Favorite Movies - Out of Africa, Casablana, The English Patient

Favorite Television Show of All Time - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Favorite Hobby - Wine tasting. We have a cellar in our house and mostly collect California cabernets

Writing romance, do you believe in the happily ever after?  Have you found yours?

I am a complete and total sucker for romance and I most definitely believe in the happily ever after. I also know, however that it takes continual work and effort. My book, Shelter from the Storm focuses very much on that theme. I'm happy to report that I'll be married nineteen years this October and I don't plan to let my husband get away. I keep him chained up in the basement.

What do you consider the most unique thing about yourself?

You mean besides the fact that I keep my husband chained up in the basement? I'm not sure I can top that...unless itís to admit that I make up stories about the fact that I keep my husband chained up in the basement. In fact, it seems Iíve even made up the fact that we have a basement. The husband? Heís real.

Do you enjoy hearing from your readers and what is the best way to contact you?
Oh yes! Readers can email by directly at or they can use the contact form on my website which is

Do you have a writing schedule that you follow daily?
I try to have everything wrapped up by 2:30 so that I'm free to pick my son up at school and focus on helping him with homework and making dinner. My mornings are spent writing, working on promo, and doing house chores. Whatís my least favorite chore? Vacuuming. Yuck!

Does your family support your writing and do they read your work?
My family is extremely supportive. My mom has always believed in me. She's my number one cheerleader and reads everything. My husband was wary at first, giving up my full-time job so that I could pursue working in this industry was a major commitment for us both. It took a couple years for us to make the leap. Now we look at each other and wonder why on earth we waited so long! My father thinks what I'm doing is great, but he doesn't read any of it. Or, if he does,



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